UK Oxide, 15 player airdrop, door share, house ownership plus more!!

Hi Rusters,

So, admin change their minds and remove oxide!!!

Now vanilla…

Airdrops @ 15 players.

Active admin

We’d love to help you have a good RUST experience

UK multiplay server.

100 players max.

Press F1 to goto console then copy and paste;



Destroy your houses if you misplace an object “use the pickaxe on the object 2 hits!”

Want to make this server a great community server join today and lets make a start!

Any mods you would like to see on the server discuss out our website

have a good start guys!!
I come for sure!!!
I love this with the misplace!!! :slight_smile:

Okay, We need some suggestions of what kind of plugins or addons you guys would like to have on the sever. If anyone from the Rust Community would like to share their suggestions.


Added Crafting is now Half

50% craft time

Airdrops @ 15 players

house ownership (you can destroy wrongly placed house parts)

chat history

Active admin

Anti cheat mods

We’d love to help you have a good RUST experience :dance:

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