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Hey guys,

so after i logged about 30 hours into a new community server i found last week. It’s gone down the s*** hole and i’ve decided to make my own, running alongside with oxide. So whats different from my server than the thousands of others?

So far i have the following plug in’s

-basic economy
-death messages
-door sharing
-fix your name (to tackle hackers)
-game time
-grass off (stops those people spamming what the code is)
-nudity on (stops those people spamming what the code is)
-private messaging
-insta craft

The first problem i noticed was that the admins/owners kept abusing their powers, they would constantly call in airdrops for their close friends. I would just like to say that only Iwill be able to call in airdrops on command (which will be almost never) and no i will not being doing it for my friends either, other than that it is brought in every hour (mininum 20 players)

Another feature i hated which was later added was the use of Teleportation. I found this to be unrealistic and a game breaker. Too many times had i try to kill someone, only for them to teleport back to base. Teleportation will forbidden, with the exception of people who are stuck, need to see me, chasing after hackers, or if there is an event taking place.

Another problem i encountered was hackers and the admins not doing s*** about it. There were many occasions where i came across speedhackers, called them out and nothing happened. That’s why i will be dedicating my time to finding hackers on the server, i will also be keeping track of kill stats. Along with all of this i will randomly teleport to players who i suspect are speedhacking/super jumping to catch them in the act.

Competitions with REAL cash prizes
I came up with this idea myself. To keep my players happy i will be doing weekly competitions with cash prizes, details are quiet right now but they will start at the beginning of February. So far im thinking of building an arena where there will be a hunger games style event. It’s not compulsory so if you do not wish to take place, then i will not force you to.

     -**Hunger games**
      So im thinking there will be an entry fee of $30k (providing that killing black zombies is still $1000+), which will be sent to me. From there i will teleport all participants to the maze/arena which contains random crates of weapons, including the amount of ammo. 
      The winner and runner ups of the game will win cash prizes which will be sent via paypal.

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It’s a great server man, once more people start joining it will be a hit for sure.

Thanks man, im gonna finish building the arena off this weekend too. Then we can host the first hunger games comp in February.

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Hi all me and about 9 others in our clan just started on this server after our last server shut down. server seems good admin is fair let the fun begin see you in the game :))))

Thanks for the response.

Update: Hunger game competition will take place next saturday (time TBC), and since this is the first one there is no in game payment required so anyone can join in. First prize is £10 (paypal gift), second and third is £5 each (paypal gift)



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