UK Police Game Mode

Hello all, im calling for lua coders and anyone that think that they can help im looking into have a UK police game mode written of course you will be compensated for your efforts if your interested message me back for more details.

Are you the ideas guy

wtf where’s the ideas and pics showing us how this would work you never even writed down whats it about?!?!?!?

This is getting done more and more often, while they don’t want their idea stolen, so you have to pm them to get the details.

Mods should ban ideas guys.

What’s wrong with ideas? He has the right to ask for help if he wants it.

ok if you have an idea you should put some details about it then claim it as your idea =]

what do you mean by compensated…

Not if he doesn’t provide content. Or an idea.

Are you people stupid ? Capsup and greasemonkey are the only people in here with brains the rest of you are stupid little kids. Do you really think im going to post all my ideas on here so people will steal them and claim as there own get real and and grow up cause youve got alot to learn kiddys. as it states if your interested pm me and ill tell you more. And for the dumbass that said ‘‘are you the ideas man’’ everything starts from an idea.

face punch is nothing but little twatty kids who flame for no reason grow up kids.


i mean paid and admin

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - TH89))



if this is for little twaty kids why the fuck are you on?
and btw most people here aren’t 9 year old dickheads

Well you seem to be doing a great job at acting like a 9 year old now fuck off twat

how the fuck am i acting like a nine year old?
anyway you could have atleast put up a picture or two

ive allready said i wont put pics up because of people stealing ideas i have plenty of content though.

i mean put up pics of the map and the like or something.
also you could split up the lua coding a bit saying like i need a mapper, a modeler (unless you have some skills in one of them which would help because having somebody who is just and ideas guy isn’t so good)

I dont need a mapper i just need a person to write a game mode based on the UK police for evocity2_v1p

Wow now that’s REAL mature. :bravo:

You tell others to be mature yet act like you’re prepubescent.
And don’t expect anyone to help you without showing some reasonable content

Endless bureaucracy doesn’t sound like a very fun gamemode.