UK/Pvp/sleepers/No Wipe/No decay/Oxide/50%/New 29.1

Hi Everyone My names Sean and id like to share my server with you all :)****

Who are we?

Me and my 3 Real life Friends decided to make a rust server after The ones we joined Had admin abusers - or no admins at all And didnt feel very friendly.
Were starting out at 100 players and if we get more then 60% we will continuously upgrade it as much as we can.

Why join our Rust server?
We are 3 Friendly guys Who Have over 500 hours Between us on rust - Were friendly and aim to help anyone if needed.

What we provide:
A professional yet fun server
A Stable Server
Active Admins who help and DO NOT abuse their powers.
Rust Events
No one else apart from us 3 Will ever be admins to ensure Security
Oxide With groups /pm Ect

We’re Kinda new to this as we started the server today!

server has been paid 6 months upfront So don’t fear about loosing you’re gear! come have fun :smiley:

Press F1 in game and type net.connect

and come play today :smiley:

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We got a few already cmon guys/gals ;D


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Just added Econ too!

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Bump :slight_smile: got 6-7 people now


Bump :smiley:

Bump :smiley:

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On our server you can also destroy errors you made while building with a pickaxe!(hit it twice) only you’re own things though! :slight_smile:

We have 15 or so active users now :slight_smile: Server Has more addons now :slight_smile: come have fun


Come join our server! could use more morning players :slight_smile:

Hi guys our server is growing now come and play with us :slight_smile:

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We also have location Addon now. And if theres something you cant destroy- admins can help with it too

We are getting more and more people everyday weve peaked at 20!