[UK] PVP/Sleepers/Noobs Welcome Avoid it like the plague...

This server is god awful, Literally our friend killed the admin group, got banned for hacking. Avoid it like the plague. Admins raid freshspawn houses every week, Spawn stuff in for friends, and ban anyone that kills them. Trust me, its awful.

To be honest i disagree completely. This server is the best i have come across after playing on a lot of servers. One of the only groups of admins that do not spawn in loot. AT ALL. They run a tight operation, always quick to respond to hacker accusations and investigate them. You say they raid fresh spawn houses every week… if i’m not mistaken you are with the group that was running around griefing and killing everyone in sight day after day? a bit hippocritical in my opinion, besides the fact that they target big bases unless someone builds inside their valley, in which case they will raid it to keep control of the valley.

and you say they ban anyone that kills them… on our first week on the server we came back from a resource mining trip to find a large group of fully kitted guys in kevlar raiding our base. We watched from a distance until we could get some shots off, and it ended in our group of 3 guys killed them all and saving all of our loot. This gunfight was followed by the admins typing to us in chat : “Well played guys”, which is something that would result in kick or ban on a lot of servers, so i really think you’ve got the wrong idea.

TL:DR This server is great, would reccomend it to anyone.