[UK] Rust Away! | PVP | Fresh spawn protect | Economy

New Server just added! Lots of mods to create a great team and single play friendly server and is new spawn protected! Active admins who protect you against haxxors!! Active YouTubers!


[UK] Classic Rust! | PVP | Economy | Fresh spawn protect


Press F1 and then copy/paste this

Mods available on server:

**Base Alarm **: When a player attacks your base the notifies you (only when your in game)
Bounty: You can place bounties on other people’s heads!
History: Didn’t get that last sent chat? No problem! Just type /history
DaySettings: Long days and shorter nights than the average server makes for more fun
DoorShare: Share your doors with friends and build the ultimate base!
LimitedExp: With a limited “Explosive Charge” makes it more of a challenge for bandits!
Econ: Earn money to buy the resources you desperately require
GameTime: Wanna see how many hours and days you played on the server?
List: Wanna see who is online? Just use /list
Ping: Wanna check if your ping? Just use /ping
Protection: Fresh spawns are protected for 2 hours, just enough time to build your base so bandits cant get to your good stuff
Stats: Wanna see how good you are? Wanna check how many zombies you killed? Just use /stats
zdeathmessages: Wanna see who killed who? It will display it!