UK - Rust Clan Wars! Join as a clan or alone, just be wary of who you trust.

Find Us:
Steam Group

Server Information:
Connect by hitting F1 and entering net.connect
Sleepers ON
1/2 Crafting Time
Door Sharing: type in chat /share “NameHere” to share all doors with said person. type in chat /unshare “NameHere” to unshare all doors with said person.
Blueprints are disabled but researching items is still allowed
Supply Drops when more than 25 players are connected

1.) No intentional griefing (raids are fine)
2.) No spamming chat

1.) Towns and factions make their own rules
2.) Try not to kill newly spawned players
3.) KOS is frowned upon without reason but not prohibited

My group of friends played on an amazing US server with a great community however playing with 180 ping and them not having admins active during our main playing times wasn’t so great. We are aiming to create a server that everybody doesn’t just KOS on but preferably trades or robs players. KOS is not against the rules, it’s just not the type of gameplay that we are aiming to create. Blueprints are disabled but research kits are still active, making crafting items a little rarer. F1 Grenades are not craftable fullstop, but C4 is still availible to research and craft. C4 only drops in Supply/Airdrops so be on the lookout however explosives are available to find in many places.

We currently have 2 Admins but will most likely hand out some more soon to try and have at least one admin active at all time or available to contact through steam at least. Current admins; “Jim” & “K1lluh”

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))