**I loved Rust so much that I decided to invest in a server, and from what traffic we’ve had, it seems like all the players currently love it!

The server name (If you wish to search in the community tab for it) is:
[UK]RUST WAR [Revo}|Tons more loot!|InstaCraft|NoSlp|PvP
If you do not wish to do that hard work and have it in your history then if you enter this line of code into the console (Load up the console using the F1 button):
net.connect eude70.playrust.eu:28025


Some rules:

  • Raiding is aloud at night time, so you don’t have to worry about your base/house while collecting resources.
  • Don’t be an a**hole.
  • Respect each other.
  • If you die, don’t just rage quit, or curse the killer out, simply start over, as fresh starts are treated well on this server, and get on with it to get your sweet revenge!


why is the server down ?

Oxide error I believe, it’s been fixed and coming back up.


Server is working. net.connect eude70.playrust.eu:28025

Server record-20 peoples :wink:


**Hello , I’m here to talk about an admin called MG|MarsBar , he baned me without any evidence and claimed that I’m speedhacking. That is not true , i always live stream when i play rust. The admin tped to me killed me started to lot my body then my friend came over shot the admin. I tped to my friend after couple min and took my loot back. After that I’ve bein baned from the server. The admin baned me without any proof of me hacking. I think its unfair since im a legit player and i dont hack what so ever. I think hacking is realy stupid and gay , ruins the game.


this server is great always fun . but there is alot of hackers and laggs like hell if there are 90+ people.

but always have fun on it recommend it for everyone :smiley:

Hello Im currently playing on ur server Please get and admin in and ban A guy named Ghost me and my 3 other freinds got killed by this dude after he was speedhacking around us! and a bunch of other ppl saw him too. He even Admit that he is hacking… hope u see dis.

3 weeks ago this server had many people was good fun.

Now its full of a group of hackers. Dont waste your time, wait for the server to die.

Oh forgot to mention that the admins know the hackers and encourage them to do so, they do nothing about it and its a fucking joke.

By the way hacker name’s:

the Escilator



Ash ( doesnt hack but plays with them )


When i got more names ill post them up.

Have a good day all, find a better server, this one fucking sucks!


i would like to play this server with my friends,but after what i read:words:I wont

Hey, this is sinder aka the hacker on this server. ive been hacking on the server for about 1,5 Month, DJChipmunk have hacks himself and hes a admin and thats why he allows me to hack on the server, he sometimes kicks me with but it says banned in chat, so people believe im gone but ive just changed name and came back with DJChipmunks permission ofc.

But there is far more hackers then just those 5 names,

Sharkfin here is his ip - Hes a hacker, he can instakill everyone with 1 buttom just like i can do.
Hungrybeaver hes hacking and grouping with Sharkfin.
Then we have Rarr hes also grouping with sharkfin and hungrybeaver and all 3 have exactly same hacks as i have so they can all kill every animal and player in the world with 1 click.
then we have F4pl0rd - hes grouping alone but have speedhack,aimbot and ESP his ip are -
and Lemon is a hacker with speedhack and fly hack.
Then we have Newbie his first name was Stoleten and he have same hacks as i do have, he can kill the world with a click - his ip
then we have abc hes a aimbotter his ip are -
then we have red / Eagle hes using speedhack and wallhack (ESP) his ip -

Hacking is very fun and i will never stop hack in games. so shut up about your whining.

This is too funny, firstly if you think i aimbot, i feel this is a compliment as i dont so i just must be good.

Secondly Dynamic IP, you think posting and ip i had maybe 30 ip’s ago im going to harm me in any way?

And lastly if you feel the need to hack in games for enjoyment i really really do feel ever so sorry for you, my heart does go out to you honestly.

If you ever want to talk to someone im here for you as you seem to be very troubled.

HAHA fuck off kid, if i knew you irl i would allready rip you in pieces in a bath tub and drop all your bodyparts in different lakes so they never find you. Ive been hacking in games and computer since windows 98 and i love it. destroying for others and bullying others is very fun. i hate trash people like you, for me your nothing other then trash.

Was you even alive in 98?

Yep, i was even alive in windows 95