UK RUSTARD 0Craft/0Dur/0Abuse/Kits/Groups/Tp/Eco 04/07

Rustard, new server launched on 02/07.


Friendly staff, with 0 abuse.

I am the owner and I’m am farming like a derp, like everyone, to have a house that will be raided 3 days after that.

About the plugins :

  • no durability
  • instacraft
  • no fall damage
  • groups
  • remove
  • private messaging
  • teleport (free)
  • economy (no game breaking items are available)
  • nickview
  • doorsharing

As admins, we use a lot of tools anti hacks :

  • insta kick for vac bans
  • insta ban for speedhack/flyhack
  • teleport invisible AND without notifications to check people

We are an experienced team, and we just want one thing : that everyone has fun !

Server hosted in UK, the ping is perfect for everyone in Europe and Russia. 0 lag !


The community is starting to expand, we already reacher 24 players, with about 10 players always online.

Join us, we are cool ! :^)

Pick Axe Arena added with the plugin Infinite Furnace to do it during the night.

20 players in yesterday, it was fun ! JOIN OUR SERVER!