[UK] Rusty Days-Running Oxide- Door Sharing and harder to obtain Military Weapons.


Rusted Days is a PvP server with Sleepers ON.

OXIDE is running, enabling door sharing using chat commands. Type /help in chat for commands.

Oxide provides door sharing. Type /Share “Name” into chat. The person you wish to share with must be online. No more crazy fort designs!

Military Weapon and Ammo Crafting has been restricted, meaning they are far more valuable and must be conserved. No more crafting stockpiles of weapons and more reliance on the hunting bow and pipe guns.
The 9mm, P250, M4, MP5 and Shotguns can no longer be researched or crafted. They must be obtained through looting Zombies, Crates and Air Drops. The Bolt Action, as a homemade gun is still available to craft. 9mm, Shotgun and 5.56 ammo are also not cratable, however weapon mods are, allowing you to modify the weapons you obtain as you like.

Explosive Charges remain untouched, so be sure to build a base capable of defending those weapons!

Looting lists have not been altered from default.

Airdops are currently set at 10 people online.