UK] RustZ [PVP][DoorShare][Sleepers][ActiveAdmins][InstaCraft][NoWipes]

: "Press F1 in-game to open the console (in-game) and type :
to join our server!!!

this server is a pvp raid server hosted by NitrousNetworks

Owner - HolyLlama
Admin - HolyChihuahua
Admin - Commander Fielder

also this server has no wipes to be worried about !!!

Mass airdrops Happen every 30 or so people

how much planes is in a mass airdrop

About 10 planes.

Also i joined this server not long ago and it is indeed my favourite ! No wipes , admins clean up old abandoned and destroyed houses themselfes , friendly admins on every day …good stuff ! I approve !

bump for an awesome server that needs more people :slight_smile:

Bump for a brilliant server that needs more amazing members

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