[UK]Scrublords - New Server FRESHLY WIPED - Oxide | Door Sharing | 0.20 crafting times | limited researching | Unable to Craft "Explosives" | PVP | Sleepers | Active Admins| Airdrops at 15

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Hello my name is Turdel.

I have been playing many servers over the past few weeks and I’ve been trying to find one that I can stay with for a while. However I could not due to admin abuse/C4 abuse ect, so I decided to create my own! So here it is!

My server is based in London so it is EU, however I don’t think that really matter much.



The features of my server are as follows:

>Door Sharing (Simply enter into the chat box “/share [friend name]”, "unshare [friend name] for the opposite. Also if your friends name happens to have a space in it you must put the name in double quotes! E.G /share “John Smith”. All Names are case sensitive.)

>0.20 Crafting time (Crafting times are set to 20% of the default times.

>Teleport Request (Simply enter into the chat box “/tpa [playername]” The other player must then accept the request before anything happens with “/tpaccept”. Nothing will happen until that other plater hits accept to be teleported too. There is also a limit on the amount of teleports per player to 2. So use them wisely!

>Sleepers (Sleepers are ON. What this means is when you log out, your players body will face-plant the ground and remain there where you logged out until you rejoin again. This means that other players can kill you while you are sleeping as your body is still logged in even if you are offline. So make sure you log out in a safe place!)

>PVP (Player Vs Player is turned on. Fairly self explanatory)

>Explosives are unable to be crafted. (What this entails is that C4 can be crafted but the main ingredient “explosives” cannot. This limits C4 in the game to finding it in chests and the amount of explosives you have looted from air drops. This stops high geared players from stockpiling too much C4 to raid other players.)

>Air-drops are set to 15 players (Once the server reaches 15 players air-drops will begin.) I may or may not add the ability to “buy” an air drop with Raw materials. Its just a thought for now.

>Starter Kit (Enter into the chat-box “/kit Starter”. Starter kit contains 150 Wood Logs, 10 Cooked Chicken and 5 Stones.) To give the player the option to chose what they do with what they receive.

>Limited Researching.

Now I left this till last because I wanted to explain why I have done this and what benefit it will have. I for one, am tired of everyone having the M4 once one person has acquired one due to researching it. It not only floods the server with powerful weapons which everyone can get (by simply letting them research it) but it takes the fun away from finding them in chests once you do research it. So I have gone ahead and blocked all weapons researching abilities. So because of this if you find a weapon (lets say an M4 Rifle) you will not be able to research it except if you find the blueprint. Once you lose the weapon its gone unless you have a blueprint for it. This will make it so blueprints will become more valuable and it will also reduce the amount of weapons in-game for a little while. Weapons attachments are also not researchable.

Weapons/Attachments that are not researchable:

>9mm Pistol
>P250 Pistol
>Bolt Action Rifle
>Holo sight
>Flashlight Mod
>Laser Sight

Please report to me or Scooba any hackers or grievers. They will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank-you for reading! I hope to see you soon!

Ip: net.connect

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this could be very good!

Sure seems so! :smiley:

Kits are broken at the moment due to an Oxide update! Sorry about the inconvenience

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Needs more people! :smiley: Kits are working!

Indeed, people come and join us!