Uk Server 101 *NEW* Airdrops @ 10 Players PVP

Server Name: Uk Server 101

How to get server?
Press F1 to get console and write to console:

Our server includes:
Airdrops @ 10 Players
Active Admins ( We also host a DayZ server that has been running 8 months and is extremely popular)
No Wipes to server
No Mods (Lets play how its meant too be played)

Our Server is based around meeting players and making friends. We do have a few bandits
who think they own the server so some competition for them would be good.

But 90% of your players are friendly builders helping each other survive, so if you want to
join us please feel free to hop on and start building.

See you in Rad Town !

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Join Our Steam Group:

Bump it for the players looking for a new server :zoid:


doing it big on server 101