UK Server Host with DDoS protection?

Is there any UK Garry’s mod server host that will provide DDoS protection?

Daemon Servers is pretty good.

Do they offer DDoS protection in the UK?

For free yes, you can get a pro version for an extra 3 pounds.

There website shows that they do not offer it in the UK.

Ah, my bad. Didn’t see it showed only Europe.

UK is part of Europe :tinfoil:

If you look on the website it shows that Uk does not.

The UK is in Canada clearly.

Yea, you’re not really going to find this to any decent degree.

Few folks will say they are and boast about Cisco Guard and such, which will just sit there and do fuck all against the attacks gmod gets.

If the protection actually works, you should just go for a Daemon Servers Europe server. It is likely they are hosting in Germany due to the good bandwidth, and I (and others in the UK, I imagine) get excellent ping, almost exactly the same as I do on UK servers.

France (I think OVH services) they use along with Coventry UK.

However, I’d probably just go with OVH directly and get a failover IP to the UK.