UK servers down :S


Anybody know something what happen?


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No UK Servers any more.

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Buy Dayz Standalone at Steam and request Steam to take out rust who don´t have no one to administrate it.

This guys is an idiot, dont listen to him…

It is a shame that the servers are down, probebly some connection issues I guess :s

It’s down since yesterday evening.

Yes i dont listen to this guy…

Helk u know something about the server? Waiting witout informations is bad =(


lol I im idiot ?

how hold are u guys 12,13 ?

u don´t know nothing about nothing.

LOL Guys how hold are u ?

I Play a lot of betas since 1995 do u know whats the meaning of a BETA ?

Because u don´t know i will help u kids with that.

BETA is something that u do not pay, beta is something that is in test and have Devoleper Team checking issues.

If u Pay for a game and the server is down for 24hours and u dont know why because there is now one responsible to help with that.

That is not a BETA that is a fraud.

RESUME : IF THE ADMINS DONT COME AND SAY WE HAVE THIS PROBLAME BECAUSE THIS AND THAT IT MEANS THAt They just don´t care, it means u are a stupid kid and u have to wait more 24,48 or at the end WipeOut…

nobody ask u

Sorry Jampo, im only talking with ppl with more that 18 years, :slight_smile:

In 7 years i will talk with you.

Ur the idiot here, with ur silly typo’s and shit, but anyways I read on the rust twitter that they where expanding server/ adding server in the uk might be why the servers are down

Ppl that are working on this game are called developers not administrators
ppl that are ADMINISTRATING the servers are called admins

First of all, the game is in alpha state. Before trying to explain to other people what a beta is, try checking what stage the game is in.

When you bought this game in alpha state, it clearly states this is an unfinished product. Whatever kind of support you think you’re entitled of - you’re not.

Lastly before you accuse other people of being 12 year olds, try rereading your own posts. I’m not the one to pick on non-native speakers, but simply throwing together some words and hoping they make sense doesn’t quite cut it if you’re trying to have a serious discussion. Neither does calling people names or typing in caps. In many ways, the people you accuse of being 12 year olds show much more maturity than you displayed in this forum thread.

Now kindly bugger off to DayZ.

And this is Alpha, not beta…

I read on the Steam forum that the Uk hosting server was down because of a storm - was very windy in London last night…

Guys u are not understanding the issue here.

Its normal for Rust to have problems, its normal for servers to have issues.

What if not Fuc… normal… is that no one from the Administration\Devoleper what ever u want to call it is coming forward and explaining to the ppl who buy the game and helps with it what is happening.

I Call that lack of consideration.

And if u guys are sow right and if i im sow rong, please show me the topic where an Admin\Devol source explaion why we don´t have servers for the last 19hours.

and don´t say that this is a BETA or a APLHA because i pay for it, therefore demand an explanation.

U don´t want to give explanation ??? its easy put the game in Free to Play and u don´t need to explain nothing if ppl pay for the game ppl deserve an explanation.

Im only trying to defend the rights of thoes who pay.

Simple and Honest.

U should have read the disclaimer then…
Btw there are more then the uk server, I too have my stuff on the uk server u see me complaining? I realy think that garry has better things to do then “explain” why 3 servers out of 13 are down, I dont realy see the problem here, alpha is alpha

Here you go, read this before u buy anything else

I gave up after first sentence. Can you re-write all that, and use English words? Thanks in advance!!

From what I read it seems a tree fell on a line owned by the hosting company which needs to be fixed.

Unless Garry has a ladder I don’t think he can fix it.

I Play online since 1995, and this is the first time i see a Payed Beta with issues and now one explaining why.

one simple explanation is enough.

For me the big issue is the lack of consideration i know a lot of ppl who both the game to play with friend and its now playing, as I said a simple explanation is worth a 1000 words

sorry kuts im only 22 xD angry nerd

with the maturity of 12,

I’m just disappointed and speak for many more

kuts, you are not from an English speaking country right?

I and surely a lot of other share your frustration. Send the host an email, we cant do shit in here. And they will probably not look in this thread.

SIDENOTE: And please for the love of all gods in all religions, write correct words in your sentences, some fail-spelling is kinda okay to see, but this is terrible…