UK Servers Down?


I noticed that the servers were really laggy yesterday and have been down since. Is there an ETA for the fix. I play UK 1 and i was planning to finish off my base but i guess this isn’t likely to happen when the servers are down.

Also why do the UK servers go down so often (40hrs of downtime in the last 2 weeks)

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DDOS most likely , or power outage of some kind

Anyone from UK3 who wants a temporary home with the same ruleset as official and members of the UK3 community head over to Multiplay: [EU] Metaltown 100slot server.

Press F1 and enter:" net.connect " minus the " in the console to direct connect

Use the servers subforum:

The downtime is a pain…

My question, if it randomly comes on and people access it before me can they run up and kill me because i had a lot of decent gear and i was in the middle of a town

yes because its the same rule as “player offline” so you will on the floor.

They should fix that, If someone losses connection to the server the person should be put on the floor, If a player is not logged out of a server for example if server goes offline and doesn’t log people out, when it starts it should put all the people that were connected Into an invisible offline state

Hope the servers will go up soon :confused:

Wasn’t there something like 25,000 homes without power in England because of the recent floods and high winds? Possible cause? who knows.

Twice in a week now. The UK server hosts is pants bottom line.

Good hosts have backups on and offsite for situations like wind and rain.

Also the devs did mention into looking at changing the UK hosts, probably because they are terrible.

There’s still 100s of other UK community servers that survived the wind and rain lol.

There are some places around London that are flooded. So its possible.

i am a UK server host myself and all datacenters i use run their OWN POWER supplies. Shows how cheap garry is :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here also a uk server host but my datacentre don’t have Rust available

same here i run over 1530 servers i would be more then happy to host 300+ servers if need be just so we can play the all this up and down driving me nuts…

garry needs to start replying the emails :slight_smile: just saying

Im waiting till it will come back too :confused:

its not just the UK, the Swedish servers are also down…

It’s multiple servers. not just the UK server.