UK servers not online? also bugs

There was insane lag on UK2 and now none of the UK servers display in the browser for me. Are they being restarted?

Also, I cannot refresh my server list and messages in the main menu (like WaitedLimbo) appear behind the server browser so they are unreadable. Kthxbai.

I also cannot see any of the UK servers in my list.

Are they down?

I’m guessing since you posted this an hour ago the UK servers haven’t been up since :frowning: i gave up checking

many many hours :frowning:

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The problem is not the UK servers offline, the real big problem is that no one from the UK servers administration is explaining why or delivering an ETA for the recover it seems to me that the RUST are not large or some control over public servers, although the game is a beta should be a minimum control that demonstrate responsibility by the management team.

Every time one server is offline we never see an admin explaining why or providing an approximate ETA for the issue to be solved.

I was on UK1 and my friends said it got ddossed by someone, after it finally went down, the UK servers weren’t in the lists anymore.

Yeah i play UK 1 as well and its been down for at least 6 hours maybe a little more, When i was playing it was getting hit by a ddos attack what i mean to say is it felt like a ddos attack. I dont know what the cause is but it would be nice for a dev to get in touch with us about whats going on with the servers UK 1 - 3

Yea, it has been down now for over 13 hours :frowning:

Indeed, If its gonna wipe im gonna be pissed, I just rebuilt my house and got alot of blueprints for good things. and started making c4s for my first ever raid.

There whas a post on twitter 19 dec that they where going to expand the UK rust servers therefore adding more server in the uk, might be that something went wrong? :s just speculating here…

Even if it is frustrating they do wipes, this is part of the Alpha. They need to test servers, add some updates. If something goes wrong they can share the experience with others and make a better game.

Wipes are to be expected, even if its not fun.

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Agree on this. Even if they not obligated to tell us anything, it would be a nice gesture to show us players some value. We are the testers to. Not only the administrator and developer.