Uk servers still not up?

Hi, when they 1st went down I waited patiently and I did see a few people ask about them but get locked

Now it’s come to a point where they have been offline for quite a long time and I’m the kind of person that wants to stick with 1 server and build up what i have there, i’m fine with a wipe but i don’t want to have 2 worlds going

So when will the UK servers actually be back up? can we have some kind of communication at all, it’s an alpha game sure but we still paid for this so we kind of expect something

So can you either

  1. Tell us an estimate of when it should be up
  2. Tell us why it’s down?

Yeah I’m struggling to find any information regarding the UK servers. No updates on the twitter, facebook or playrust website and every thread gets locked(rightfully so with them being in the wrong section of the forum but a lot of people don’t even know of the servers sub-forum).

I did see someone mention there are issues with where the servers are hosted(possibly weather related) but it would still be nice to see something official posted on this

Forgive me if I have missed an official update somewhere, just trying to find out what’s going on.

I did read the rules for the forum and I didn’t see anything about sub-forums, this is in Rust though so it is on topic ^^ Sorry if it’s in the wrong place but how do we even get to the right place?

  • edit -

I found it ( Who would think about Clicking the X at the top left anyway?

But it is an extraordinary long time for a server to be down even if it is because it crashed or has been updated

It could be getting ddosed.