UK Sleepers 53 players and cant join?

Hello, just like 30 min ago the server crashed and me and my friends hasn’t been able to join ever since? Why?

because a lot of the rust servers are getting ddosed

I hate the kids ddosing stuff because it makes them ‘‘cool’’, for the sake of god let someone knock on their door and bring them somewhere not so fun…

Could someone explain to me what ddosing is?

DDOS=Denial of Service, it’s basicly someone sending packets to a server that overloads it and makes it slow/crash.

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is when you get a bunch of computers on the net to all flood a server with requests, spamming it and interfering with regular, legitimate traffic. You really could have spent three seconds on Google, but there you go.

Why would anyone do that o.o So stupid.

Because they are butthurt and believe that they will achieve something in life by ddosing.