[UK] The Honest Jock - White listed server [Oxide/1/2 Craft Time/Doorshare/Drops/Starter Kits/PVP/Friendly Admin] - Fresh Wipe 22/1/14

Hello guys!

The Honest Jock server has now been updated and runs several Oxide mods, these include door-share, quests, private messaging and starter kits.

The server is currently 50 slots but this can be increased.

PVP is enabled within the server, however we do encourage fair play and to not just run around KoS. If players are caught hacking or grief other peoples houses you may face being banned. Raiding is allowed however there is no need to completely trap someone inside or ruin there home.

We will have random RP events once numbers pick up such as admin vs players with prizes for those taking part.

A whitelist has now been added to the server. If you want to join us and play on the server please leave a message here or join our steam group “The Honest Jock” and write a message in the Access Request discussion.

You can also add The Honest Jock on steam and request access that way.

Once you are given access to the server you will be sent our Mumble server details to chat with your friends if you wish.

The only rules are to have fun and for no admin to abuse their powers!

Thank you and enjoy!

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