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top server love the lads on there :slight_smile: well run!

Top quality server mate I love all the staff they are amazing there is no cheating. I have played on this server for a while now and it is really fun. Join and have fun you won’t regret it

went on this for a little while. Some really great, helpful and active admins on there, as well as regular players. Most are quite friendly too, so I didn’t die straight away which is nice compared to most servers.

See you on the server later guys! :smiley:

This is an amazing server join and you could ask some people if you can make/join a town with them you will love it; their admins are really nice and most of the players are friendly. This is a Noob friendly server with oxide and it is a top quality server join now and you could be in a town or make your own with friends.
Thanks Pancakes
Please Join

Thank you all for your comments. Greatly appreciated.

10 players now minimum for airdrop as low server pop atm.