(UK) The Walking Rust | Admin Abuse

Hello everyone

I just want to make you all aware that the server: (UK) The Walking Rust cheats. I have here attached a video/link showing a little of it, however, very difficult to see. There will among other things come several videos onto youtube very soon. This is admins who attack us after 2 days played on the server and raided the entire metal housing with approx. 20-30 c4. We know that pewpew, Snoopy and nigel cheats. The other videos shows all their names and will soon be uploaded. I’m doing this because I do not think cheat is fair, especially not by the admins. They cheat, spawn items and ganging up 17 vs 4 because they are ON 24/7. I hope you guys will help me stop this and help me spread the word.

The next video shows that these admins use wallhack or at least they know where our stock is hidden. This will be shown in another video, as they have not blown other metal doors than those that go directly to our storage. You will also see that it is impossible to see where our warehouse is without cheats.

Sincerely, Blom

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFMIHsAdidg

I’m the owner of this server and your video shows absolutely nothing. For your information Nigel has no in-game powers apart from /kick. I may be wrong as I didn’t watch the video properly due to being at work, but I didn’t hear any headshots.

I’m interested to see the rest of the videos you claim to have, be sure to share them.

Our server is maxed out daily, there is no abuse there at all, hence why we keep all our players.

You’re full of shit Jonesy! There are headshots, open your eyes!.. And i also got videos of you kicking us because we are attacking your base / I think that was pewpew. As i said, I got enough proof and yes it will be posted soon. You guys like to raid people, naked guys, new spawned, spawn items without farming, so i dont care about what you’re thinking. The real videos was sent to VAC yesterday and I’m looking forward to see you guys being ban!.. I’m not the one cheating, I have nothing to lose.

Uhh, “VAC” doesn’t accept “proof” from any users so you’re talking out of your ass here.

You can’t be VAC banned for using admin controls (spawning items, godmode, kicking, etc) that are built into the game for usage. They won’t be banned.

Tyler they do :slight_smile: Okay we can also call it Steam Support, which is connected to VAC.

Too bad they didn’t use “cheats” that modify the game in any way shape or form.

As I said, it is not godmode. But cheat. And even if it was godmode, i will spread the word, because it is not fairplay at all, GOT IT!

If you want to be rude, I won’t bother entertaining you with a reply. My staff don’t abuse any of their powers, if you show me an actual video saying other wise, it will get dealt with.

In my honest opinion though, you sound like you’re just upset because you were raided and instead of getting revenge in game; you’re attempting to give us a bad name.

Jonesy, I’m not trying to be rude. I just want you guys to stop abuse any of your powers, because I know you guys do. Before the wipe I even saw you guys being invisible killing people, again pewpew. I’m not upset at all, because i dident get raided, soo… Yes i’m attempting to give you guys a bad name, because fairplay is in your server name, and thats how it should be!..

This sever is abuseing banned me for asking how they got their big base so fast

That video just irritated me your damn mate eating crap on the microphone , tell him to button it if your filming what an irritating guy

Yeah, ok…

Simonw77, I got kick for asking :slight_smile:


I play with and around the admins on this server on a regular basis.

I’ve seen the admins play fair,
I’ve seen them raid and they don’t turn up with 30+ c4 as people seem to claim

The reason they get metal bases setup quickly is because there are around 6 of them + friends working together.

I have seen.

People claiming admins are cheating by making airdrops happen near their base… (my base was near theirs. The airdrop was nowhere near)
People claiming the admins spawning weapons and gear to go raiding. (I’ve seen one of the admins go out to attempt to get their gear back with cloth armor and a revolver)
People bitch and while about admin abuse, then start to abuse the admins in chat. Get kicked, come back calling them childish and continue to rant (resulting in more kicks and more childish comments towards the admins)
The server getting ddos attacked because of people getting kicked and banned for most of the above.

The Walking Rust will continue as it is, and will continue to kick and ban abusive people and hackers. If you don’t enjoy the server, don’t join it.

We have a lot of active players and we will not tolerate the spam and fake accusations in chat. We have a teamspeak server for any questions/problems.

We’re aiming to get players that are age 16 or over, although we welcome all ages; a lot of kids won’t last here due to their rudeness and lack of respect not only towards my staff but players in general.

Jonesy you are welcome to go on as you do, but it does not change the fact that you guys cheat, what people record and what people see and hear. I stand that you guys in no way is legal and that you continues to admin abuse.

For you salmon. You have more than right in what you say, but I know that they raid people unfairly and with approximately 30 c4, which seems very unfair. However, this is just one thing I think is unfair. However, looking at the video that I headshotted one of the admins, 100%. You would die from it no matter what. I will continue to record, keep an eye on them, send things to steam support, etc. I know I can do anything about regarding the item spawn etc. But I will not tolerate cheaters!

I’m still waiting for these other videos you claim to have.