(UK) The Walking Rust | Banned in order to create a forum!

Hello Everyone

Today I was banned for creating a forum for admin abuse #On the server: (UK) The Walking Rust “(FAIRPLAY)”.

I would recommend everyone not to join their server since they can not handle criticism from players, which result in players being banned. This is also because they make their own rules. Obviously I can not prevent you guys joining their server, but provide you guys with a “heads up”. I definitely recommend that you join another server, so you guys will avoid cheaters, admin abuse, item spawns, unfairly raid, raid when everyone is going offline and the most important of all: Admins hunger for power!

This is my forum which has resulted in a ban from their server: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1355347

Sincerely, Blom

(User was banned for this post ("Don't make threads about threads, keep it to one thread, and use the servers subforum" - postal))

when 1 thread isnt enough…

Haven’t you already had your fun in your previous thread? If you continue, I will report you on here.

Already done :slight_smile:

I read part of that thread, there wasn’t need for another. Report, ignore move on