[UK] TheJoySquad Gaming Community / Active Admins / Fresh Server / Friendly.

This is a brand new server I have just set up and would appreciate it if people came and gave it a try.

Air drop count: 15 players
Server: 50 slot
Up-to-date : [24.01.]
Server IP :

Or alternatively Check out our Webpage or Steam Group and feel free to join our TeamSpeak!
**Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheJoySquad
Website: http://thejoysquad.enjin.com/

If you need Admin help just message me through Steam or Poke me on Teamspeak!

Thank you hope you all have fun! :smiley:

Really good server, nice admins, very friendly when you need help, definitely worth giving a go if you want a fresh server :slight_smile:

This server makes me moist cause i’m a filthy slag.

No but really guys you if you’re looking for a fresh server without fully geared pricks.


We have just updated to Oxide!