UK | Vanilla | 50 slot | Active Admins | Airdrops

After moving from one server to another due to many different reasons but mainly hackers or admin abuse I finally decided to purchase my own server! Details will be listed below.

Connection details:

Connect - “net.connect”

Server details:

Server wiped 14/06
3 Active admins which will be playing the game but not abusing admin (Vanilla).
Air drops will take place AT LEAST 1 day after the server was wiped giving people time to build before 1x1s get raided.
Noob friendly

Hacking of any sort will not be tolerated and will result in a ban provided some sort of video or visual proof.

Thanks for reading hope to meet you all on the server!

Server has been open 6-7 hours now and peaked at 10 players earlier, join now whilst still fresh!