UK Wasteland: Oxide Experimental Server

UK Wasteland: Oxide Experimental Server

All Welcome

We run many Oxide plugins on our server, 2x Gather (trying to keep it balanced and not OP), 75% faster crafting rate, Homes, TP, Kits, PVP and Events.

We have 2 main admins, myself Cheeze, and SkylineGTST. At least one of us is on the server most evenings (GMT) and take an active admin role.

We also trying to replenish loot and blueprints in the radtowns at various points until the spawning of this stuff is fixed.

We run events and competitions with loot and blueprints as the prizes.

We receive positive feedback from our regular player base which up until recently was 30+ most evenings. Unfortunately the recent update affected Oxide and it took us about 36 hours to get our server back online properly and in that time we’ve lost some players to other servers.

We try and enhance the playing experience until more features are in the game, so if you fancy a change with friendly admins feel free to pop on by.

No Glitching
No Hacking
No Griefing
No using /sethome in somebody elses base in order to harrass, grief and raid.

Other than that, raid, attack, kill… have fun.