[UK] Western Wolves [PVP][1/2 CRAFT][NEW SERVER][NO WIPES] Need Admins

Western Wolves Server

oXiDe Mod With a few add-ons, not too many.
New Server Fresh server with a dedicated owner, Looking for admins
No Wipes The server will never be wiped, so you wont lose your hard work
Amazing PVP Friendly competition between players, any toxic behaviour will be dealt with
No Hackers All unusual names and any sign of a hacker is insta ban.
Fresh Server so need players to get it started

UK/EU Community
Admin Requests Add my Skype: YesSupreme

How to Join:
Enter the Console (F1)
Enter: net.connect
Or search for our server @

Thank you.

Good server,
seemed very smooth and lag free

it was a pleasure speaking to you

was server would be good if it was populated.

[quote=“Senzor, post:1, topic:159140”]

Western Wolves Server
thanks was an amazing server completely lag free could use some more people!


Server was lag free and there was plenty of materials to find since there isn’t as much people. Definitely a solid server to join. Get started and get situated before it gets popular in order to get an edge ;D

The only thing the server is missing is active community

This is a great server for anyone new to the game as well as veteran players. It is completely lag free and the support staff are friendly and on hand at any time of day to help you out.

Get online and started now before you lose out on resources!