(UK) Wiped 27/02 - PvP - Groups/DoorShare - Remove - Sleepers

(UK) Events - Arena - PvP - Share - Remove - Sleepers

LAST WIPE: About a week ago!


If you join our server, you will meet active, mature and friendly admins.
The server is stationed in London UK.

We always strive to keep the server lag/error free and updated.

  • Sleepers on
  • C4 craftable
  • Item durability loss turned OFF.
  • /remove tool
  • Doorshare
  • Pvp on
  • Death Handler (Announces who killed someone. Also tells you which weapons was used to do it and what range)
  • FPS Booster
  • /players
  • /location
  • Half Craft
  • Arena

NEWS: Brand new event-feature active on the server,
Arena - join a queue to enter the arena and have a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4!
Kill people, and lose nothing if you die. Rewards for winners.
We’ll be hosting the arena event daily.

Some rules:

  • Don’t disrespect/harass other players or admins.
  • No griefing, hacking or abusing.
  • STRICT anti-admin abuse.
  • English in chat.

More plugins are coming but we don’t want the server to get overly crazy with random plugins that would make the server imbalanced.

How to join?

(UK) Events - Arena - PvP - Share - Remove - Sleepers

See you on the server!

Been on this server for about 24 hours now.
Admins are non-intrusive and the community albeit small at the moment is lovely. Come join us for f’s sake! <3

Arena is now implemented! Read the info above.

The patriarchs (and Matriarchs) of this server have established themselves as the holders of epic loot and riches.
Come join us and stir the pot a little. Use the advantage of friendly players to build yourself up and then raise hell on your foes (or friends).

GET IN HERE! I require hugs. ._.