UK1 server 2+ weeks rollback ??

Hi, I just logged now in UK1 and the server has been rolled back 2+ weeks. Bases are gone completely, old ones are back in place, a complete mess. Can some admin let us know what happened?

(no offense to any admin/dev/moderator)

Im sorry bud, but no-one will ever tell you what’s going on unless its for an update.

hearing from devs or admins why they’re doing stuff like rollbacks or wipes, is just not how they roll.

you gotta accept that they’re not really interested in having anything but one way communication with the players.

I know “community management” is basically nonexistent, but I hope one day they will start to do something about it.

I’m pretty sure the majority of the people (myself included) will not buy the next FacePunch game due to this complete lack of communication and support.

Your expectations might be a bit high for an alpha labeled game. Rather than dodging FP you might want to dodge alpha games.

Not sure you realize Facepunch got 1 million sales (so 20 million dollars) and from 30K-50K concurrent players. With those results the company has to adapt to the users response.

That is absolutely untrue, the company doesn’t have to do anything just because you gave them $20.

You see, that is where you are wrong: you cannot un-buy the game. No refunds, you chose to be in this.
I understand it might be frustrating, but we all got rolled back 2 weeks.

As stated before, it’s an alpha, so … you know. We are all, as a general rule, playing in test servers that are subject to radical changes and drops. Luckily, considering the current state of things, we’re in alpha.