UK2 hacker - Fanatic

I cba explaining. Simply saying the guy is a hacker, has an aimbot + esp.

Instantly killed both me and my friend in kevlars, we were coming at him FROM 2 DIRECTIONS in-front, and from the back.

killed me in 2 shots with silenced m4, and instantly swapped to my mate and killed him as well.

I actually have the actions recorded, but since you don’t have perspective of my friend’s, it’s not enough proof anyway. (I might post it anyway, after I get back to my university dorm, where I have sufficient network to upload)

Anyways, if devs care they will investigate. We currently lost all fun in the game because of this situation, and ragequitted.
Too bad. (oh, and btw, when we approached him, he was planting 100’s of C4’s)
His nickname was Fanatic on server UK2, I don’t know his profile, due to not being shown in playerlist.

PS; I’ve played counter-strike for 6 years, and a little competitive. I know a hacker when I see one :slight_smile:

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He is still there by the way. Go and say hello. First person to kill him gets a statue.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

Warning: the following video has explicit language