UK3 all chests/sleeping bags destroyed.

So as the title sayd, UK3 was hit by something, all loot that was inside the boxes is gone. Sleeping bags are destroyed.
Houses are still intact, so either it was with an update? Or Omegas back.

The entire server!?

Yes the entire server lost all, in another Omega attack.

See this thread for the all of the information known about the Omega attacks/hacks:

Unfortunately, these have been occurring for weeks now, mostly on the official servers (and highly populated community servers). It doesn’t appear that an official response has been given, but it’s clear that Facepunch is aware of it from all of the feedback. My guess is that they are allowing the hacks to continue, in an effort to gather as much data as possible.

It might be more than just one person. Omega definitely took credit, but there was an “Agent Orange” at one point, using the same “language” as Omega when running the hack. It might be one person under different IPs or a group of hackers targeting the game.

At any rate, the game is virtually unplayable until this loophole gets fixed. The Omega hack, literally, ripped apart the NA 4 server and caused a mass exodus of players. (The server doesn’t even exist at this time.) It ruined the game experience for a lot of us. We totally get that there will be server wipes and we will lose items, buildings, etc., but we expected this to come from the development team, not a hacker.

Facepunch has remained tight-lipped about these incidents, but I think it’s fair to say that they are working on it. Rust has a lot of potential and, right now, the rampant hacking is the biggest threat to its continued success.

this hacker looks like a god O.o

i was affected as well, but this guy knows a lot

Has anyone ever gotten this “Omega” guys SteamID? There is a good chance s/he actually gets caught but just keeps making new accounts and resumes “terrorizing” the servers and because their SteamID apparently has yet to be caught it seems like they haven’t been banned. There ARE people who have enough disposable income that they could keep repurchasing the game over and over again.

I know recently I came off as an ass because my stance was “it happens, just start over” and I still feel that way. Regardless, its still kinda messed up that this person is so persistent.

Uh consider yourself lucky. Yesterday the server I played on got hit with “all buildings, boxes, loot destroyed”. Literally everything that wasn’t on your person at the time was deleted, and the admins couldn’t get it back.

Whoever did this, is a terrible human being.

Yes, the Steam ID is well known:

The person was even taking credit for the hacks under this Steam account on the Steam forums, using the same language in game about “being the King” and “cleansing the lands.”

so why are you even asking for this steam id when you also state that he might buy a new copy over and over again anyway?!
the game costs only 12$ so this wont stop hackers to join…

You’re right that some of these hackers/cheaters have a lot of disposable income to keep buying copies of the game. We had one guy on NA 4 who had, literally, bought the game five times over and kept creating new Steam accounts with the same name.

With that being said, Gary and Facepunch have even more income to combat these hacks. See:

Rust has generated more than $30 million dollars, to date, so Facepunch definitely has the money to put towards this problem. This game doesn’t have a small budget, by any means. If they reinvest even half of that back into the game, the possibilities are endless.

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I think the game is priced at $19.99, at least through Steam.

I didn’t think anyone had actually gotten this persons SteamID. With that in mind I was implying they might have actually gotten caught several times and kept making new accounts to keep going.


That’s why my stuff is gone. Lol

Its a shame that the money has to be spent on tackling hackers rather than the game itself.

Could the hacker be sued for delaying development of a game? I’d help towards legal costs.

well self pwnage to buy off from steam directly

Having money doesn’t stop cheaters. Just look at EA’s god awful response to cheaters in past and present games.

I’m not a lawyer, but I was thinking the same thing. It’s essentially hurting the company’s revenue, as all of the publicity regarding the hacks will keep some people from purchasing the game. It might also be some type of copyright infringement, if the hacker is modifying the code in any way…? At any rate, the person responsible should face some type of a substantial fine.

It’s a battle that I’m sure an indie studio doesn’t want to fight in court. (We’d all rather see the money go towards the game’s development, rather than paying lawyers, but I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing the person responsible sued.)

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Oh, I agree completely. My point is simply that Facepunch has enough capital to invest in the “best-in-class” tools to combat the problematic element of hackers.

yeah he has mass bombed many many servers. to work around him just build a bunker WAAAY out in the boonies like north of the bigg ass mountain and keep spare equipment there. his AOE is not the whole server just the land right around his avatar when he bombs.

Its prob the makers of the hacks that got all ass hurt when garry rolled out cheat punch and their cheat sites went nuts with 12 year olds crying

That’s what I was thinking. As soon as Gary took an official, zero-tolerance stance towards cheating and hacking and made his viewpoint public, this hack started occurring. It actually started happening after the week that Cheatpunch was implemented and a lot of hackers were banned. I think that “Omega” fancies himself the “voice” of the hacker community or something that that effect.

They did this on Us Central 3 (Stress Test) aswell. It really sucks :frowning: This hack is more devastating then the suicide hack. I heard some dude say it is a melee damage hack, hope that helps!