UK5 (Sress Free) 200 player

Name: UK5 (Stress Free)
IP Address :

Backstory : I often wonder if this game is bad for my health. Firefights, defending against raids, looting people you’ve killed, running from a group of kevlars that spotted you at a rad town… these things all make my heart pound nearly out of my chest.
There have been several times I’ve had to put my base defense on hold, GET UP and walk away from the computer so I can calm my heart rate and breathing. My hands start to tingle, my whole body shakes.
I’ve been multiplayer gaming since literally 1994. I’ve played nearly every mainstream FPS that has ever been made for PC. I’ve played competitive in CAL and various other leagues….
NO GAME HAS EVER DONE TO ME WHAT RUST DOES! Then the fucking hackers came , completly ruined my game and over the course of a week made me loose all faith in the official servers.

Our Server:
Let me tell you a little about how we plan to run our vanilla server.

  1. Hackers will be banned ASAP.
  2. We want a competitive server, were we can be beaten and learn from better players, no admin abuse of any kind ever, Gary makes the rules.
  3. As the game is very new we plan to reset the server after each major update. When the game becomes more stable we will have timed resets, like every 6 months for example.
  4. Play as you please, wanna play santa claus and hand out cooked chicken ? thats cool, wanna KOS everyone you see ? thats cool, like we said Gary makes the rules.


Good Morning everybody. Come and enjoy some Sunday banter at UK5 were we shall soon commence 420 celebrations. Blaze it!

The website is up at

Btw a lot of us are friendly (maybe 60%) so if some newbies need food or a sleeping bag just ask :wink:

Off work or school today? Come party at UK5, free 420 all day

Last night we had some lag and rubberbanding issues, however, its now resolved and the server is back to its full glory. Come comrades, help us make UK5 the best in the business !

Hopefull the new patch address the issues we have been seeing recently!

Server running verysmooth after the newpatch, just watch out for the indians

Im up early and so are you, so lets go collect some resources !

Bad day on the dark web? relax at uk5 !

uk5 now sponsored by Maxcoin.

420 yodo blaze it!


join us !

Join here for a chilled420 server

Still here, still 420n