Uknown lag...?

Yo, nice to be here. Hopefully I’m in the right place. Haven’t played GMod in a nice little while and loaded it up today. After spending the long time of updating addons and such that haven’t done so, I load up a game (gm_city25 to be exact, if you need the link just tell me and I can go get it) and pop in to a low framerate. Typically I’m not surprised and can handle it as it’s usually around 20-30 FPS, but this time it’s down to about a constant 10. Now while I was walkin’ ‘round trying to “have fun” with the framerate I was switching weapons to see what all I had as I have a Custom Loadouts addon that allows me to choose my starting gear. I was scrollin’ through and I came upon the camera tool (the weapon/tool you take photo’s with) and I noticed my framerate skyrockets up to a magnificent 40-70 FPS. So I switch back off of the camera and go to any other tool, and the framerate drops to about 10 again.

So first, what’s with the weird low lag of 10 FPS that skyrockets when holding the camera? And is there a way to try to boost my FPS?

Now I don’t want any “Get a new computer” answers, because that’ll already be a big one, but as I said before, I’m usually at a solid 20-30 fps. I also don’t want any “Upgrade your computer” because I can’t do that either. Both of those options aren’t and won’t be available to me for quite a long time.

Windows 8.1 Home
Hewlett Packard HP Notebook PC
Intel® Core™ i3-4030 CPU @ 1.90 GHz (4 CPUs)
6 Gigabytes of RAM
DirectX 11
Intel® HD Family Grahpics 4400 (I think? It’s somewhere in that region)

If ya need anymore info just lemme know and I can try to provide it.


If I forgot to mention, it’s real odd that Gmod plays at 40-70 FPS with the camera out…but back in the day when I ran smoother frames, the max I ever got was like 35.

I appreciate all the time you have given into looking at this post. Ciao!

Remove all your addons and reinstall Garry’s Mod. You have an addon that is causing this most likely.

What graphics settings are you currently using? Additionally, have you tried using something like -dxlevel 80 in your launch arguments?