Ukraine Zombie RP {WIP}

well anyway guys this is the brainchild of me and another person named jambi, here is the backstory and general idea for our AUSTRALIAN Zombie Roleplay server

The features-

  • an evolving storyline
  • a fresh new setting
  • Item forge inventory system (need to get it saving)
  • Enphasis on teamplay (zombies will kill you)
  • a confilct between the two player factions and the two NPC factions
  • a gamemaster who spawns items which further puts the emphasis on scavenging
  • random world events as the timeline goes on
  • lots of weapons to choose from

The current development team-
Tom (me)- basic coding / ideas / story
Jambi- Coding / ideas

we are currently looking for a mapper or coder
The location: brytavka, Ukraine

The year: 2011

First report of outbreak: march 13th, 2011

Current president of Ukraine: Victor Yushchenko

In 2009 the Ukraine began research into biologically engineering the pneumonic plague into something much more sinister and turning it into a bio weapon targeted towards the US. After the Ukraine civil war president Victor Yuschenko was elected as president , after the NATO agreement involving the Ukraine broke down there was tension between the US and the Ukraine. President Victor Yuschenko passed a bill that allowed the early research of Vladimir Vernadsky, the first man to discover viruses. In 2009 the research into the pneumonic plague commenced and the biologist soon discovered it could be turned into a deadly bio weapon. The news had reached the US and the government and brought with it the anxiety of another powerful nation having control of a biological super weapon. After much development the engineered pneumonic plague had shown a sign that could bring the world to its end.

This discovery was made in early 2011 on march 13th when a lab rat had become infected with the plague and began to become aggressive, the plague could now be spread via exchange of bodily fluids, the strain had mutated. The whole lab had now been infected and isolated pockets of the community. Within 48 hours the majority of the population in the Ukraine was infected, of the 46 million people that were residents only a mere 10000 were still classified as human.

When the news of devastation had reached the US they sought out their links to a rogue warlord who had evaded prosecution during the Ukrainian civil war for war crimes and slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians. This man Vladimir Pavlichenko was also deemed an enemy of the Ukraine. Funded by the US government to secure any mutated strains of the virus Pavilchenko’s mercenaries remove any obstacles in their way.

On march 18th the president sent out his elite vanguard to stop Pavilchenko’s forces from obtaining the mutated strains of the virus and tasked Field Marshal Tom Korolenko, a veteran of the Ukraine civil war, with overseeing and instructing his forces as required.

There was a direct decedent of Waldemar Haffkine, a famous Ukrainian micro biologist who created vaccines for the bubonic plague and colera rumored to be creating a vaccine to reverse the spread of the infection, he was stationed at his lab in brytavka a small hillside town which was still not fully rebuilt from the civil war. The vanguard were told to defend him with their lives and do not let Pavilchenko’s forces anywhere near the lab.

Which brings us to the present day march 23rd and the world’s population is growing smaller by the day.

( an image of brytavka )

When creating you role-playing character

You must have a Russian/Ukrainian surname unless you are an immigrant in which you must justify why you fled whatever country you came from to come to the Ukraine and why you ended up in the brytavka region.

also as a survivor you must have a reasonable back-story of your character in what they did before the global incident occurred this will lend itself to the in character skills you will posses (e.g. being able to shoot rifles more effectively for you were a game hunter)

if you are role-playing a military personnel you must include your rank before your name, also your role is to do whatever the field marshal or other commanding officer tells you to do. If you Minge you will be permanently banned

So… does the server exist yet? I thought up some stuff for a character.

well the server will be up soon enough when we get a map and everything finished right now im having a hard time with itemforge :S

Pretty good. add me on steam and tell me when its up, ok?

Already got the char.

Barbossa Korsikov

Immigant from Azerbaijan.

After breaking into a mans home and stealing the money and important keepsakes from his safe, the man who owned the house returned and Barbossa strangled him to death with the fiber wire he had brought with him for that very purpose, but Barbossa was no master assassin. He left enough fingerprints that he might as well have left his I.D. at the house. he discovered this, and moved to the ukraine as quickly as he could, for he knew someone who could help him there. now, his contact is dead, and he finds himself caught in a nightmare. this nightmare is the quarantine.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Oh, and also. if you die, do you have to make a new char.?

Nice spelling faggot

actually, there’s only a few spelling errors, it’s mainly grammar errors that exists throughout most of the post.

I always like seeing people coming up with fresh ideas, and please don’t take this the wrong way but it seems to me like you bit off more than you could chew.

Either way: take things slow and keep the ideas coming. From the looks of things, I’d say you have a pretty good goal of what you want so keep planning and brainstorming.

I hope to see a server or two up in the near future.

This looks really promising.

PM me if u need a half skilled coder that still learns.

Can’t wait to play the gamemode. Also sexy forum link below:

Also wtf is with all the Dum rating’s I mean come on.