Ukrainian Naval Infantry reskin V2

Special thanks to trek for telling me what a overlay was, It helped a lot. And for the recommendation for the reskin model

Rusty- Ukrainian toad camo
F T- Cod ghost federation army
Trek- Helping me out.

These soldiers are based off the Ukrainian Naval/Marines. Although im still working on them these are the models so far.

BONUS: Less neo-nazi’s more Ukraine

No link.

its WIP

In fact, they look like this

I couldn’t find any of their camo, so I used the toad camouflage

Now let’s get some Korsars and Kaskas on them so that they are proper Ukrainian soldiers, not Russian reskins.

They aren’t even russians though :vs:

Next time reskin the equipment too!

That’s why I said so that they are proper Ukrainian soldiers. Currently they are a reskin of some Russian soldiers.


Venezuelan soldiers with Russian helmets, loadbearing vests, hand grenades, flares, and bayonets.

They might not be completely accurate for Russian infantry, but they’re using nothing but Russian gear.

Speaking of those, did the vennies ever get publicly released?

-links are dead-

F T’s thread has dead links but I saw a russian site with working links to them, I can’t remember the name though

For Ukrainians it would probably be better to use Simkas Russian fedration troops with camo reskin.