Ukrainian toad camo unit reskin

Now you can make show those Russians who’s boss
Retextured WIC soldiers and Rustys national guard


Srgt.Shotup: hacking
Rusty:Gear and facemaps
LT_commander: Original pieces/parts of the skin
Zupadupazupadude: Original Texturing

I will make more Ukrainian units with more camo’s
but i cant find any other camo but the toad camo. So
this’ll do for now.

It’s about time we got a watermelon commando working for the ukraine neo-nazi battalion

Da, we now take facism to the fronts.

I did the pattern too btw, also it’s too big on the model. Scale the pattern down

also AZOV isn’t really a neo Nazi group, AZOV is more Ukrainian army.

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thanks, I thought I did the scaling right, but I’ll make sure I fix that next time

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What scale do you recommend?

Still doesn’t change that their insignia is a wolfsangel.

No, there’s nothing nazi about this:[/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb]

It’s reversed, so it’s a symbol of happiness, right?

And I don’t mean to be bashing anyone’s nationality, but Azov is using nazi symbols and is promoting the nazi “heroes” and collaborators. My countrymen were bestially murdered by the ones who the Ukrainian radicals are hailing to today.

Aside from that, the texture lacks detail and is basically a camo patern slapped over the texture, not even properly scale. You should try preserving more details bu trying to make a cavity map (in xnormal for example) and blending it onto the texture, adding some clothing detail as well.

Thanks for the info, I’m new to reskins, and there aren’t a lot of tutorials that explain in detail of how to add clothing detail such as ripples or dirt etc.

They kind of actually are, as Trek and Viper pointed out they use a modified SS Das Reich emblem and one quick search of the Azov battalion brings up a lot about their neo-nazi ideology.

Though it’s kind of a moot point really since the entire war is between two corrupt governments and a basket of slavic extremist groups.

To be honest, these look bad. I thought at first you completely slapped the camo pattern haphazardly on the texture without any blending effects.

Then I checked the textures and you actually did do that. I was shocked.

If this was meant to be a joke, it’s a good one.

The pattern on your hex is WAAAY out of proportion. I believe it’s tileable, so you could easily downscale the pattern and fit the actual size at least remotely.
The insignia on soldiers’ stomach looks wrong, too. I am not entirely sure if actual Azov do wear it like that, but it’d fit better if moved upwards a bit.
And the equipment looks out of place without matching camo. Or at least without matching colours.

I am of certainly hopings you do make next versions, comrade.

These just look like american soldiers with PASGT and ALICE gear.

Don’t worry comrade, next release I improve

look bad.

You know, there is a war going on in Ukraine, and whenever you want to say \ write something about it, you should be very careful. There are plenty of pople who don’t know anything about this war, and you are trying to influence them in a very silly manner, as in the quotes: “And I don’t mean to be bashing anyone’s nationality, but Azov is using nazi symbols and is promoting the nazi “heroes” and collaborators” OR “the entire war is between two corrupt governments and a basket of slavic extremist groups”.

Now, I’d like to say a few words about the AZOV batallion… I have no idea who they are, Neo-Nazis or not, and I live in Ukraine! So, my question is - how the hell do YOU know anything about AZOV, if you haven’t even been there to see them with your own eyes???

Do you realize that many cultures use such or similar symbols - and those cultures have nothing to do with Nazism? Do you know that the modern tri-color flag of mother russia is the exact copy of the flag used by the infamous Russian general Vlasov - and his soldiers (thousands of them, actually) were the number 1 collaborators in the times of the second World War? I suppose it makes the entire Russia a nazi country, right?

Uh, where do I start…

I am Russian, and I have relatives in Kiev. So I’m able to see the situation from both sides (Or even three, actually, as my nephew tries his hard to evade military conscription).

Considering Azov’s ideology, I’ll just leave a Wiki article.

Again, some of my relatives live in Kiev. And my aforementioned nephew knows about Azov for some reason.

Point taken, Azov isn’t a nazi group. It’s common to mistake fascism for nazism.

Which, in turn, is the exact copy of the flag established by Petr I, the Russian Empire’s first emperor.

Wrong, this makes Russia the source of all evil.

But enough of the political commentary. If you want to argue - PM me, don’t ruin the thread.