[UKSS] Survivors Sanctuary |Oxide|Starter Kits|PVP|Sleepers|Airdrops|Cheatpunch

Survivors Sanctuary

A new Beginning!!!, A brand new server based in the EU with 100 slots running oxide, world created on 21/2/2014

Teamspeak ts.ukss.eu

Starter Kits

Type /kit super or /kit standard into chat console to redeem kits.

One time use kit, includes;
9mm pistol
9mm ammo x10
stone hatchet
wooden shelter
wooden door
cooked chicken breast x5
sleeping bag

Can be redeemed 3 times, includes;
hunting bow
arrows x10
cooked chicken breast x5

Oxide Mods

Door share (use the command /share playername to share doors), death messaging, player list (use the command /players in the chat console) and starter kits, removal tool (use command /remove in chat to toggle removal tool)

Crafting times at 50%

Airdrops are set to drop at 30 players (but may change this in the future)

Cheatpunch anti-cheat enabled.

To join press F1 at the menu screen to open up the console then type the following;


This is a good place for new players to learn the ropes/map at the moment because of the low traffic due to being a brand new server.

Added removal tool and 50% crafting times

dropped airdrops to 5 players

Will join your server in an hour or so im Bear