ULib/ULX causing many server errors and conflicting with addons.

Hey, so I recently went through and cleaned up my addons folder and installed ULX alongside ULib in preparation for hosting a P2P server with some friends to goof around on, as you do.
Anyway, many errors started popping up surrounding ULX and more specifically ULib in regards to script errors, confliction with certain addons, and some other features.
Simple Thirdperson doesn’t not work as intended, the camera is locked directly behind the play by about 2 inches and cannot be moved, and thirdperson in multiple vehicle addons is also non-functional.

WAC and WAC community vehicles are completely unusable, unable able to be flown, and spit out the following errors in console when we try to use them:

A similar thing also happens when trying to use Killing Floor 2 SWEPS, they do not render whatsoever, and create similar errors when fired/swung:

I did not have this problem before despite having both ULX and ULib, and I can’t find anybody else sharing this problem, so I’m praying that someone here may be able to help.

Does ULX work alone without those addons.

Both ULX/Ulib work perfectly fine either way, but break these addons.

It looks like your installs for those addons are corrupted - they say they contain the ulib hook file even though they don’t.

Still occurring after reinstalls of every addon running into problems.

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Verified game files, done complete addon list reinstall, still occurring.

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Sorry for all the replies, but I’m updating as I try things. All errors/non-working addon issues persist even when ULX/ULib aren’t installed. Didn’t have to problem before cleaning my addons up and Garry’s Mod hasn’t updated recently, so literally at a 100% loss now.

If they give errors even when ULX and ULib aren’t installed that means that either those addons are corrupted, missing files our outdated versions of it are installed on the server.
Are they installed via the addon folder (manually as i call it) or with Workshop?

Through the workshop

Try deleting the workshop cache folder and restarting the server so it forces to redownload them.

Problem is still persisting, I notice there’s also a LUA folder in the same directory as the workshop cache, should I delete this as well? The errors are related to lua hooks so maybe it has to do with that. I recently unsubscribed from all my addons and went back and just got the ones I really wanted/needed in order to run the server, so that may be a part of it.

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Just trying to give as much information as possible:
These addons didn’t have this problem before I purged my addons. Some thirdperson functionality is also completely broken, Simple Thirdperson doesn’t work and in some vehicles the player camera is locked directly below the vehichle