[ULIB] Unauthed Player Error

Hi, I currently own a dedicated server and I have just updated the SVN of ULX from a previously outdated one, like 5-6 revisions behind and am getting this error whenever I join the server:

ERROR: Hook 'UCLAuthNotify' Failed: [@ulib\shared\sh_ucl.lua:51] [ULIB] Unauthed player
Removing Hook 'UCLAuthNotify'

And when I try to open the ULX menu I get this error:

[@ulib\shared\sh_ucl.lua:51] [ULIB] Unauthed player

Could anyone suggest a fix or work-around for this? And if there is a fix please explain how to do it in Detail as Im not that good with lua.

Remove ulib folder from data folder and try again

Didn’t work…

Contact me on Steam, megiddo@meg-tech.com is the email associated with my steam name.