Ulramarines, led by a veteran, attacking (again)

Made a new Ultramarines reskin. I think it’s far better than my previous one, but that’s just a personal opinion. The map is good old Freespace 03.


He’s pointing his finger in the main picture, but it might look like he’s… you know.

Original here: http://i47.tinypic.com/2uqkaye.jpg

C&C, and I think the sky/blur isolation is pretty suck-y.

Bad spelling for what? The title? Aw dang, someone change it.

Port some Tyranids.

I haven’t ported anything, I just found these floating around Garrysmod.org and reskinned them.
The only Tyranid model I’ve found so far is Carnifex, and it spazzes out (like the DoW I ragdolls).

Whaw nice reskin!

I guess you used the models I ported in 2006.

Yes, and someone resized them afterwards. Awesome ports, gotta say.

So awesome that I use the Dreadnought as my personal skin.

Do you still have the link where you download them? I’ve never seen the resized version.

Kaffi resized it I believe, then somebody made it into a npc. Then shotgunguy turned it into a player model.

Effects are awesome but they kinda clutter the image.
But especially I’m inlove with the background and the blue laser at the left.

I like the sky.

Go easy on the combination of effects and contrast. Too much and it gets a little harsh on the eyes. Nice picture overall though.

Looks good… though as others have said… its very busy

I added only slight contrast. I used more burning, though. That (with the bright effects) might be why it looks contrast-y.


im always impressed on how great editting skills can make rather low poly models look appealing