UltaAutos-L4D Cars In Multiple Colors

After hours of fidgeting with model compiling errors and textures, I have finished the L4D cars in multiple colors. Most of the time spent was making the models accept different skins. This was done to decrease filesize greatly and make switching colors as easy as possible.

Glass Models are also included which are just for pure convenience.

Models And Original Textures - Valve
Recoloring and Recompiling - UltaPonch




I would like to thank the people who assisted me in the progress thread:
Silver Spirit

In order to change the colors you will need to switch the model skins you will need to enter a console command or use a skin switcher tool such as this:

My hope worked… :v:

Ooh, my god… Thank you so much for this! I always posed with the L4D cars but i only had them in white. Thank you soo much! :slight_smile: Just, just… great!

Finally… thanks a lot man. :smiley:

Fucking finally this is awesome.

Holy shit THANK YOU.

I’ve been wanting to use these cars forever, but the fact that they are all white prevented me. But did you remove the reflections and the phong?

you get my download
are you going to work on the L4D2 ones too?

Cool, downloading!

The trucks will be done, along with the semi from l4d1.

VMAN- I removed the phong and reflections due to the fact I hated them and it ruined the colors in almost any angle. You can copy the vmt data back over if you want.

Good job getting them to work. :3:

I downloaded :3
it’s awesome!

The 62 Coupe has a sweet deal! I’ll take mine in orange :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for these awesome colored Cars!

The yellow is too bright but otherwise they look good.



Someone should make these driveable. They would be EPIC for roleplay.


Too bad some of their doors are open, someone should do that tiny fix.

Love these, downloading.

Could someone tell me what new cars are added into L4D2? Were they those unique cars, like the pickup, and a van, or stuff, or where there more kinds of these?



I was hoping it would have the windows and lights already mounted on the prop.

I hate having to go through the pain-in-the-ass task of placing the windows onto the cars.

Once you get used to it is goes pretty quick, do one per car model and then spam duplicator and skin switcher. :v:

The only difference with the l4d2 cars were they changed the plates.

There are more cars in L4D2. Off the top of my head, 2 pickups and a Jeep.

Most of them were the same but they did add a Blazer-like truck, a Dodge Ram, and of course: