Ultimate Battle Royale

Been working on this battle royale gamemode for quite some time now on and off and thought I’d post some fancy images here to get people interested. My goal with this post is to get some people to hopefully playtest to iron out any bugs, give constructive criticism, and feedback in general. I haven’t had the best of luck with random players joining from the server browser (server is dead most of the time) so I thought I’d go here, I’m sure many people here would be interested in this.


  • Custom Models
  • Planes which you jump out of
  • Airdrops flown in by the same planes
  • Zone that shrinks to random positions
  • Weapons and items that spawn
  • A fully animated and interactive inventory
  • Third person mode
  • Cool looking HUD
  • Spectating
  • Parachuting (customizeable so you can change the color in a menu
  • Stats (wins, kills, deaths, damage dealt, airdrops looted)
  • Car fuel, health, explosions, and fire
  • Idk man there’s a lot just look at the pictures


How to Play
If you want to play, join this empty Discord server I made for the gamemode: https://discord.gg/BwFW2Tp (not sure if I’m allowed to post this here but mods do whatever)
As previously stated, I want to get some feedback from the community about new features which I should add to this to make this the best as I haven’t had luck with playtesters.



Looks epic. Do you have any planned features? If so, what’s currently on your list?

The only feedback I have is the “Using…” design could use a little touch up. The bold bright white lines with a transparent black background stand out apart from the rest of the UI imo (since nothing else has a black background with bold white lines, from what I can see). You’ve done a really nice job.

Good point with the using HUD. Don’t know what I was going with there really but I’ll try some things.
As for planned features, there will be an XP + money system which you can use to buy things like backpack upgrades.

I think new models should be top of the list :smiley:

There are 4 custom ammo box models, custom planes, and custom parachutes.