Ultimate Hands Reskin Pack RELEASED!

The Ultimate Hands Reskin Pack has been released! The most complete and up-to-date hands reskin pack ever. Works with Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Garry’s Mod, and any Source-engine based mod for Half-Life 2

Contains Combine Soldier, Prisonguard, Elite, and Metropolice hands. It also contains a variety of 10 different Rebels hands skins.

This skin pack was organized and distributed by Adrian “The Joker” Lopez. All credits for the hands skins are given below.

You can download this skin pack at the Gamebanana.com mirror. Enjoy!

Some Screenshots:


Dosia36 (Combine Soldier and Prisonguard hands)
SoJa (Combine Elite hands)
Adam (Blue and Green Rebel hands)
Hiphopopotomus (Red, Yellow, White, Grey, Black, Purple, Plaid Red, Brown Rebel hands)
Polingboy (Metropolice hands)

Wow. Just…Wow.

Haha, mesmerized much?

Had I not seen your facebook page I’d have thought “Adrian “The Joker” Lopez” was an invented name.

Don’t know where you got the “Adrian Lopez” in quotes because I only had my alias (The Joker) in quotes. That’s my real name, Adrian Lopez.

Hurray, you put all the skins into a pack…Great job.

… Because they’re quotation marks and I quoted your name from your message?

That’s not very nice =(

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Oh OK, I read that wrong. Now I got you.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen hands reskins or packs of hands reskins, I’d be a rich man.

Don’t expect good comments in response to this “release.” I’d suggest actually producing original, self-made content if you don’t want to be met with anything but mocking disdain here.

I have to hand it to you though, you do self promote and write it as if it was important.

Ah, well played sir. I am not a materials artist myself(I know the basics of VMFs and such) so I don’t think I’d be able to create any skins of quality. And the reason I uploaded this here was because so many skins are lost in the endless array of re-textures in the community, and I just thought that it would be nice if we had a pack that contained the ones that were of quality.

I am truly astounded at the sheer lack of effort and planning that has gone into this pack. You have outdone yourself my good sir, On behalf of BiggerThanJesus Inc, have this free Medal.

I see no quality in these
and it would be easier for a bunch of reskins to be lost in the release section compared to garrysmod.org,
one more thing, no one likes people who repacks shit and and makes threads about it in the release section.

@plasmid and Drsalvador

Alright fags, be that way. If you can’t appreciate what I tried to do here, then fine.

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You took other people’s work. Put it in a .zip. And uploaded. That’s not smart, That’s not work, You’re not even a full-time employee.

whoa whoa fags? we are telling you how it is, take it and like it, you packed things together people made, zero work on your end. now leave, and great first impression lol

How did I take people’s work? The credits are right there in plain text. What is so wrong with re-distributing their skins with full recognition and credit? I didn’t take credit for the skins, now did I? I didn’t say that I made the skins, and that they were 100% my creation. No sir.

Where did you get them from?


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That’s a bit low.

Everyone can put skins in a pack and call it paradise.

Oh and you called** PLASMID** a FAG??!!

You know… if you can do more stuff, better stuff, than him, then ok.
But until that, you should definately shut the fuck up.

Oh man, i’m a bit pissed off about you “7-posts so i’m a king” people.

I’m sorry for… “flaming…”