Ultimate Hide And Seek (Fretta)

This is sequel for my Hide and Seek gamemode, which can be found here:

Ultimate Hide and Seek

There is still 2 teams: hiders and seekers.
When round starts - there is only one seeker, his objective - found(and tag) hiders, as many as possible.

Hiders need to stay 3 minutes to win, seekers must find all of them.

If server has 5+ players on it and last hider is left - benny hill theme song will be turned on.

There is shop availible, where you can buy weapons and items. You can open it in-game, by pressing C key.

Gamemode still has some little bugs - you can post them right here(and ideas too!)

P.S. I removed weather - for some reason people don’t like it


And here is our official fretta server where you can play:

LAN party coming up tomorrow, I’ll download it and play it with all my friends then =)

Dude…I came up with the Hide 'n Seek gamemode when I first got Garry’s Mod, 4 days after it was released…LOL.

You’ve got my download

Added to my fretta server.

This gamemode is a lot better than default fretta hide and seek. Maybe vote for inclusion if official fretta SVN?

Added SVN repository, removed gmod.org(because gamemode is still updating):
Added class indicator, first seeker indicator, fixed some minor bugs

Don’t use classes in Hide and Seek

Why not (:

Shouldnt it be Find not Found? Anyway nice looking addon, il try this sometime :smiley:

File not found? What are you talking about :smiley:
It’s on svn…

Heavy = most retarded use.

its like racing on TF2, you’d use scout over heavy…

Svn updated, fixed some critical bugs, replaced knife to crowbar(better prediction, etc).

Knife which damaging only 1 hp(for hiders - break glasses, etc)

Uploaded latest version of that gamemode:

-Removed classes
-Added shop with weapons and some other stuff(C key)
-Fixed some bugs

Throwing crowbar done by Ha3 for garryware gamemode, thanks him for that.



Tried it on a Listen server on several different, CS_ DE_ and DM_ maps.
All give that error, and gamemode is broke.

Fixed version:
Updated first post

This looks ok I guess.


Won’t the following part of the code cause problems now?

function SWEP:Initialize()

	if ( SERVER ) then

Do you not have to remove the if (server) stuff now, else the weapons is always held using the pistol hold stance?

There is only throwing crowbar non-default weapon, so i don’t noticed that little bug. Maybe i fix that later and reupload, but for now it is not critical.

Ahh ok.

Also if you join the spectator team, at next round it spawns you as a player.
Players also told me at times it spawned Seekers and Hiders in the same location?
That was on cs_office.