Ultimate Lag on experimental Rust

Hello all,

I hope you can help me with this problem…

When I start the experimental version of rust, I have massive lag on the main menu… I don’t understand why, because my configuration is not too bad:

Intel Core i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40Ghz (8 CPUs), 2,4Ghz
Mémoire 8192 MB RAM
Diectx 11
Intel Hd Graphics 4600 1792 MB

I think I could run this game without any problem. But I can’t launch a server, it’s unplayable… Do you guys have any idea about my problem?
I can play the “original version” without any lag… I tried to restat my computer and uninstall the game, but no change…

All drivers are up to date…

Pleaasse helpp meee!! :slight_smile:

please help :frowning:

You need more RAM

really ? 8g? my computer has more or less 5 months

I play all game in ultra high …

Rust and Intel HD anything are a bad combination. You really would get a lot better performance with a dedicated graphics card.

Ok, that would explain why I can’t play this game … Unfortunately, I use a laptop (wich is definitely great with all games except Rust ^^). I guess I’m busted… Thank you anyway for your help!

You should start the game in lower quality (I usually start with simple graphics, because fancy eats my GPU). I found it strange you can play any game in ultra with that card.

I totally agree with you… I tried to start the game in ultra low quality and same problem :confused: Far cry, call of duty, etc… Everything works fine except Rust …

Not to mention that experimental is very much unoptimized at the moment.

yep I will be able to play this incredible game soon …