Ultimate Logs

Ultimate Logs

Ultimate Logs is a lightweight logging addon that will help you manage your server.
It features a very convenient GUI and works on main gamemodes :
It also supports MySQL :cool: !

The GUI.

Ranks support. I’m not allowed to see players IPs.

The option GUI.

Here are the main features :
-Includes a searchbar and a quick search playerbar for online players.
-Logs are separated by categories and by pages.
-Right click on a log line opens a menu with players informations. Everything can be copied to the clipboard.
-Propkill, carkill supported.
-Using CAMI (Supports ULX, FAdmin, …).
-‘See IPs’ and ‘delete logs’ can be restricted to higher ranks.
-Chat command and console command to open the menu.
-You can prevent a log category from being recorded.
-You can save logs with sql or with both sql and data folder.
-You can set a log lines limit. Older lines will be deleted when the limit is reached.

If you know how lua works, you can :
-Add a new log category easily.
-Add custom functions instead of ULX.

ULogs.config.CanSeeCustom = function( Player ) return BOOLEAN end
ULogs.config.SeeIPCustom = function( Player ) return BOOLEAN end
ULogs.config.DeleteCustom = function( Player ) return BOOLEAN end

You can use this addon without ULX. It will work with almost every other addon (even with no admin addons).

How to use :
By default, you can open the logs menu in the chat by typing : ‘!logs’ or in the console by typing ‘ulogs’

DOWNLOAD : :dance:
Latest version : Download here
Github : Github project
Steam Workshop : Subscribe here (Please note that this version doesn’t support configuration editing & MySQL yet)

Issues :
You can report issues : here on Github

Excellent work homie, I might use this as a base for my (private) gamemode’s log system.

Thanks ! Feel free to report any issues you have with it.
And merry christmas :wink:

Wow, this is actually really nice, great job on it!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Thanks :wink:

Merry Christmas everybody !

Awesome! Keep it up!

Thanks :wink:

Probably the most advanced free logging system out there!

Great work!

Thanks, I appreciate all your support

Wow, this looks really awesome! I may be replacibg plogs with this. Great work excited to see what else you may come up with.

Thanks !
I have coded a lot of things for 3 years but I didn’t release what I did.
Today I want to share what I do.

I accept requests if you miss a feature.
I’ll upload it on steam workshop when I’ll be sure it doesn’t bug anywhere

very nice. thank you for the release <3

Thanks for your support.
If you try it, can you please post back your impression ?

Any suggestions about a more advanced search feature ?

For advanced search feature, you could add a RegExp for advanced search about somethings.

Thanks I added it on my todo list.

This would really be great with MySQL support for owners with multiple servers. Then I would also think about replacing PLogs with this.

Yes I will add a MySQL support. It’s on my list ^^.
If you have multiple servers, it will be tricky to do because for the moment admins don’t know on what server the log has been recorded.

If the data is being recorded to a database, we can watch the database (I know the server number wont be specified). If we need to go to a server because we see something we need to attend, we look in HLSW for the player name on the server. This is what we do now in PLogs.