Ultimate Model Pack Release (How Should I Release?)

Hey everybody! Over the past few years I’ve slowly been collecting 3d models, and my folder is 30+ GB in size full of them (with textures of course)

I’m deciding to release all of them, in case you were looking somewhere to find them but couldn’t, and I’m debating whether how I should do it, as one full pack that’s 30+ GB, or do it by each main folder…

Lots of them are in .c4d format from when I used Cinema 4d, but most of the models can be found through this site, just ask and I’ll provide a link, or try my best to.

The folder consists of many subfolders to keep everything organized and clean…keep in mind some folders are very messy as I haven’t gone through and cleaned them up…

There are:

Assassins Creed (1-3, not many models)
Battlefield (Bad Company 2 (not many), Battlefield 3, and some from Battlefield 4 that Luxox has ripped)
Bioshock (Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite, I honestly haven’t been through this folder in forever and it’s pretty unorganized, sorry)
Call of Duty ( WAW, MW2, MW3, Black Ops 1 & 2, I’ve barely gone through this, I’m pretty sure there are some .max files and such in there, some of the subfolders are pretty unorganized, again, sorry)
Some cars (lots of them don’t work for me for some odd reason, can’t explain why)
Cities (Paris, Venice, you’ll have to texture them, TEXTURES ARE THERE)
Far Cry 3 (Citra (she is nude so be forewarned), Jason, Vaas and Liza Snow (some textures don’t work, don’t know why))
Halo 4 (I haven’t gone through this folder completely, it’s mainly just characters)
Halo: Reach (Haven’t even gone through it whatsoever, so that’s your adventure)
Hawx (I’ve sorted the aircraft by what country they’re from, so it’s pretty organized)
LA Noire (Cole Phelps, textures can be buggy and really stupid, pretty low quality)
Mass Effect 3 (Haven’t touched this folder)
Medal of Honor (Airborne, Frontline, Warfighter and the 2010 version, most from Warfighter and 2010 are .c4d, and very unorganized…sorry)
Metropolitan Pack from Video Copilot (Lots of textures, lots of buildings, endless possibilities, .fbx format)
Other (things from various games and other stuff, haven’t gone through it, pretty unorganized)
Payday 2 (main characters)
Sniper Elite V2 (all characters)
SolCommand Models (http://www.solcommand.com/ he makes really kick-ass sci-fi models, definitely worth checking out)
Splinter Cell (Blacklist, Conviction)
Star Wars (Republic Commando, very low quality)
The Halo Digital (if you don’t know what this is, basically, someone ripped everything from the halo franchise, very well done)

How would you like me to release them, if you want me to, as one major pack, by game, or not at all?

I’d say it’s probably best to release them on a game-by-game basis. I doubt anyone wants to have to download 30+ gbs of stuff they don’t want just for the models from one specific game.

Seems to me most of your collection can already be found here on facepunch courtesy of a number of members (most already in useful formats other than c4d).

If I could recommend you anything, you should create a mediafire account and make a folder for every specific game, then you can upload models. I’d also suggest making sub-folders for countries if it comes to HAWX, or something like that.

Not sure what is the limit for mediafire, but luxox is using it and it seem to be pretty nice.

Alright, thanks for the advice, I’ll go ahead and make a mediafire, make one large folder, but anyone will be able to download each individual folder, although mediafire only allows 11 GB for me, so I’ll leave as much as I can for a little while, then I’ll take those down and upload the rest for awhile, then if anyone needs anything I can put it back up. Does that work with everyone? Now, should I start a new thread, or just edit this one and provide a link?

Hey,man. I really need models from Battlefield bad company 2. I’m doing a big movie on BFBC2, but I can not pull yourself out of the game model. Sorry for bad english,i write through Google Translator :slight_smile:

Can you release Splinter cell black list and conviction weapons’ models for use in 3ds max(and im okay with xnalara). Thanks.

Apart from shitposting, are there any news on that?