Ultimate Roleplay

Or originally Über Roleplay, is my work in progress gamemode/roleplay base. Well I know the immediate thing is; it isn’t DarkRP.

But let me tell you some more things besides this isn’t DarkRP;

Custom HUD! No more X: Y: Z: (Or a bit less so at least.) I am also hoping to have a unique way of being displayed rather than just having a generic number displayed.



I have it planned that based on certain factors, the color of the citizen’s clothing determines what social caste they belong to. For example, the mayor wears white clothing signifying that he is white collar. Another example is that criminals, incarcerated at least wear orange clothing.

An Integrated Bank

A bank system that comes standard with the gamemode, interest is only applied to those currently on the server after a certain amount of time, encouraging people to spend more time on said server. The bank can also be robbed, but I think I will have that they can’t carry all millions of dollars worth out.

RDM counters and balances

First off, no more being unable to defend yourself without a gun. The default GMod fists SWEP comes integrated, and although it won’t stop the cops from arresting you, you at least have something to defend yourself with. Those carrying guns can also no longer carry over nine thousand rounds worth of ammo, only a few magazines worth depending on the gun or ammo type. I may make changes to this system either.

Mini-games, no more just standing around!

Albeit this is definitely one of the more Work in Progress features of the gamemode, but I am going to have certain mini-games implemented for certain jobs. Especially those where you actually work physically towards making a good, as opposed to a service job where you have to have others to provide said service.

I am not certain whether or not I will be releasing the code upon completion, however as of the moment I lean to yes.

Minigames sounds like fun, once you have more finished content this could be aiight.

Edit: Also, keep the colors colorblind friendly, please. :v:

I said this in anther thread, but for a roleplaying gamemode someone should make joining a job a little bit

harder. And not like rubbing off an admin, but like maybe something where you have to find the NPC that

gives jobs to poeple. So you have to travel around the map and such?

Back on topic, there really isn’t a lot posted so far so my only opinion is that the hud seems really… blank?

I know your adding stuff still, but there really isn’t a lot here to talk about. Keep at it!

I do like the idea of the bank though, but I do have an issue with it. What if the bank teller decides to just
give away all the money? Sorta like becomming a bank teller then dropping everyone’s money on the ground or something for everyone else. Just something to think about.

Well I actually had one idea, which is where the mayor actually appoints the police chief who then recruits police officers. And if the police force is not doing a satisfactory job to the public, you elect a new one who can fix it.

Please try and make a balance between Serious and Semi-Serious RP. That would be perfect.

That is what I am going for, that is why I gave people the default fists swep for people.

Well then if you are able to do that I will host a server for this in a heartbeat.

Sorry about the typo. But yes, I do have it as a default weapon. I mean, really? Why wouldn’t you be able to engage a foe in fisticuffs? It’s not like you don’t have physical hands…