Ultimate Zombie Trap

Ok i made this in about half an hour basically what it does is it can kill pretty much anything there seems to be a bug with different versions of wire next release of this i will fix it. so basically good if you want to mess around in singleplayer or are doing some zombie survival thing in multiplayer.

i couldn’t make it without gm_hugeflatgrass by lightingX151 so credits to him also the rangers are just for decoration!!! all the turrets are wired up to one button and the rangers are basically a safety line. The original version does not seem to lag servers very much but the replacement for the different wire versions seem to. don’t just mark this as dumb or bad or something tell me why seriously this is the first thing i’ve posted online to garrysmod.org.
watch the youtube video before marking this dumb please.


youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC6L3KxomZI&

That’s… pretty unimpressive. It’s been done before, it’s boring, pointless and nooby. AT LEAST you didn’t use the default turret model. Next time, try thinking of something imaginative and people will possibly bother downloading it.

So its just a bunch of turrets wired to a button?

Wow, you are a wire god.

Make a Facepunch thread when you have made a contraption that isn’t basically the simplest possible thing to do with wiremod.

I have made better using a single button… Srsly… it says CAKE, and you get killed for lying.

well, due to the feedback i have been receiving, i had a reply to most of the comments. OK quidsy the squisy (your first post)i am currently working on Zombie Fort it should be finished soon, dummy66 no idea what you are saying unrealdiego thanks for the complement it really made me lawlz, quidsy the squidsy (post 2) yeah uhh, explain what you actually mean by that, kiljoy no it has overhead protection and side protection but this isn’t meant for surviving zombie on a map like gm_flatgrass or gm_construct (the open grass and water part) it is meant for more urban maps, but really compare it to the thing i have in beta it is basically the thing you leave on to say, have weapons going in different directions/areas. thanks to the person who marked me “artistic” for the compliment, dumb markings are from when i didn’t have the video bad reading oh seriously i do have english as my first language so whatever that meant I don’t care.


dummy66 seriously what do you mean?

In regards to my post #1 reply: A ‘Zombie Fort’ might be cooler if its done well, but also has the potential to suck. I’ll look forward to you finishing and showing us.

#2: By this i meant that people normally make Facepunch threads when they’ve built an interesting or decent contraption that people might actually want to hear about. This is, sadly, not one of those things.

Now, like a believe i said earlier, this is my first creation so i am looking for a bit of slack and constructive criticism like Quidsy the Squidsy has given. I can say a few things about it though, the door is an interesting combination of hydraulics and thrusters


(that being the zombie fort)

oh come on how could my file be with a virus i am not complaining but there are better ways of saying i don’t like this.


(edit) the virus thing seems to have happened on quite a few things, such as say the highly popular District 9 vehicles (just an example)

ok…i am in the final stages of beta for the Zombie Fort so anyone willing to be a beta tester is welcome. it has one front entrance, an elevator ride up to another floor with a door on it that leads you out onto this platform (current design) i plan to weapon up the whole thing with explosives and turrets (i may use the ones with the missing textures and sounds for the sake of people’s ears)

OK…i have a youtube video up showing the different stages of progress with the Zombie Fort (of course as i post this no audioswap so that will take about half an hour) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO9VXRmXxwM note: that is not the final version, it may change a little or completely, and the current version is at the end of the video i know the audioswap music is crap but it is better than it being removed by WMG.

Ok, well i’ve looked at you zombie fort video and to be honest… it’s not that great… it looks a bit crooked, which doesn’t help. I assume you didn’t use smart-snap or no collided the props. Unless you were going for a cobbled together look. Also, using a wired hydraulic to open the door instead of thrusters with ring effects would have looked slightly better. The steps are fairly good. The elevator seems to work well except the button with a keyboard model looks random. Finally, if you want to build something entirely out of solid PHX metal plates, tryto change the material or colour to make it less bland.

ok did you watch do the end? not the end release and i did it from worst to last, also weird glitch with the elevator you have to stand on the on platform i welded, yes I did no collide and used weld easy

EDIT: i was planning to make it look more artistic in the end release


anyway i do not mean to insult you in any way but can you do better?

Hint: Stop bumping your own thread.
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Make something like an open field then when someone walks into the middle or w/e turrets pop out of the ground and shoot them in the face

Better idea is better

Ground deformation is impossible in Garry’s mod.

1.Make the contraption.
2.Apply “No collide world” to all of the pieces.
3.Move it underground.

So, is there a need of deformation?

Now why didnt I think of that…
I missed my morning coffee.