Ultra Awesome Wehrmacht Pack

A pack of fully face posable and finger posable HD wehrmacht which was long over due to be done

Known Issue: At certain angles if you turn there head a strange way you can see past their necks and into their bodies. By the time i noticed this the pack was already done.




Nice, the amount of detail is amazing but the Source Engine does a poor job of showing that.

Did you port these?

What? It looks like he just edited the normal pack and headhacked them to replace the shit heads dod has. Though he put more effort into it making it more better and I’d say its really ultra, ported or not.

The Models are from Resistance and Liberation Source mod. He Headhacked those models.

Not DoDS. RnL

lol RnL stoopeed.
Anyways, nice job Whole-D3ad. These’ll come in handy with new heads. :hurr:

These look incredible!

A lot of the facemaps look weird.

thanks for releasing

dod poses time!

Finally some headhacked Germans.

Hey, know what, this looks pretty good.

They look good, only thing is they don’t have the chin straps…


Let’s pose some Huns!

This is an epic win.


RnL didn’t ‘‘stop’’.

He said ‘stoopeed’, aka ‘stupid’, bro.

Hope this helps.

As for the models, they look pretty good. Nice job.

RnL has some good models, good for people who don’t want DoDs, though that mod is empty and hell, the gameplay is the worst.

Edit: Do you mind adding some of the caps in your next version?

Indeed, it is an awesome Wehrmacht pack

Now all we need is somebody to make some good WW2 Vehicles, but I doubt that is going to happen in the near future.

Since the original model is the RnL model, can you add the other helmet models and the field cap?